Conscious change through Food

About Us

Makana Ventures is a Singapore based collective and hybrid venture group. Our mission is to drive a more sustainable agri-food system across Asia-Pacific through advocacy, investment, and ecosystem support. 


Makana Ventures’ roots span across the Pacific. Our island heritage is represented through our name, derived from the Malay word makan meaning “to eat”, and also the term makana meaning “gift” in Hawaiian. 

We all must eat. But how we produce our food, distribute it, and ultimately consume it, 

are too often overlooked in today’s convenience-driven society.

Makana Ventures is working to change that narrative. We felt the combined significance of  "food" and "gift" was fitting to capture our vision of a more conscious consumer, equitable food system, and sustainable future for all. 

Investments & Partnerships

We partner with individuals & companies that are creating solutions for global problems and reimagining the way society interacts with food. Makana Ventures makes early stage investments (pre-Seed to Series A) where we believe our value-add to be the greatest. We also deploy follow-on capital through a syndication of like-minded investors, to provide growth stage support across our network. 

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